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Welcome to American Built Arms Company!

The MOD*X Gen III Chassis is a lightweight, durable chassis system that isn’t just ergonomic. It’s accurate…

Since the MOD*X Gen III Chassis does not require “bedding” of the action, its easy for any novice to setup! It also features a low sight to bore axis, this allows you to have the most range of adjustment from your optic for those long range targets. Whether you hunt and want to lighten your load into the field, or wanting to just get the most accuracy out of your bolt action rifle, the MOD*X Gen III is the only answer.

MOD*X Chassis

Looking for parts and accessories for your next AR platform build?

Bolt carrier group black and white

Then look no further! We at American Built Arms Company, pride ourselves on manufacturing a superior product. From the A*B Arms AR Essential Kit to the A*B Pro 5.56 Bolt Carrier Group; our quality and customer service are unmatched!

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We love hearing from our fans! Build yourself a tack driver? If you have a photo of your rifle or build using any of the A*B Arms branded products, we wanna see it! Send us your submissions to and you could be featured here or on our Social Media!

Law Enforcement with MOD*X Chassis

Our Mission

Our Mission is to build it stronger because sometimes lives are on the line. Our goal is to present our customers with the best product at the best possible price, while standing up to the rigors of combat, police and private security operations.

NiB Bolt Carrier Group

Our Promise

We promise to listen to the reviews of the products we offer and will never sell an inferior product. When you work with American Built Arms Company you get the people who want you to win because failure is not an option.

Made in the USA

Not because we have to, but because we choose to. We support our country and our neighbors. A strong nation is built on the hard work and ingenuity of its people. The time has come to make a stand and support our local businesses. All A*B Arms brand products will always be Made in the USA!